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Vegan Leather Bags

Searching for vegan leather bags?

Refined Traveler is the world leader in 100% animal and cruelty-free, luxury vegan leather bags.

With just 6 styles and limited stock throughout the year, we minimize our environmental footprint and our inventory to focus on what counts: quality vegan leather bags.


Why Vegan Leather Bags?

Refined Traveler went live to the public in 2018, but the idea for selling vegan leather bags first hacthed back in September 2016.

Our founder, Brian Roberts, rode coast-to-coast across America on a motorcycle.

While passing through Texas, Roberts had a rite of passage.

"First was the smell. You could smell it from miles away" he recalls.

“They were packed together as far as the eye could see. There was so many, from a distance they resembled ants.”

But they weren’t ants.

They were cows.

Likely hundreds, packed together so much that looked difficult to move.

”It was a conventional feedlot. Basically, a factory farm. You just don’t see those in New Jersey.”

The experience forced Roberts to revaluate his dietary choices—and his fashion choices.

He knew that options existed for the former—from local, humanely-raised meats to aisles of meat free alternatives—but couldn’t find fashion substitutes.

“As a frequent traveler, my only options seemed to be genuine leather or synthetic materials that lacked a classic, understated style. That’s when I knew I had to create a line of vegan leather bags.”