Buy A Bag, Save A Cow ūüźģ

What Is Vegan Leather?

We're on a mission to help travelers look good and do good, too.

It's why we make our bags with premium vegan leather, to help minimize our eco-footprint while making you the best bag possible, while also donating a portion of our profits to animal and ocean saving causes (like saving cows!).

Have a cause in mind? Know a charity doing good? Let us know.

Our most popular question from customers is 'What is vegan leather?"

Vegan leather is a synthetic version of real leather. The vegan leather used in our vegan leather bags offers many benefits compared to real leather.

It's waterproof, softer, more supple and lighter, all without the downsides of real leather, like the toxic chemicals created as a byproduct of leather production. 

Take the leather tanning process.

This just one part of the leather duffel bag supply chain that causes considerable harm. The purpose of leather tanning is to stabilize the proteins in the skins of the animal. This prevents biodegradation (i.e., so your duffel bag doesn't rot on you). 

Most manufacturers use a chemical called hexavalent chromium during this tanning process, which is a potent carcinogen. Furthermore, it's often disposed of in streams and waterways, which wreak havoc on both human and aquatic life.

Popular leather alternatives (like PVC, or polyvinyl chloride) aren’t much better. During the production of PVC, dioxins, or persistent organic pollutants, are released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, once you dispose of your PVC bag, more toxins are produced during garbage incineration.

Not to mention other so-called "vegan leather bags" are made cheaply. This leads to a vicious cycle of consumers using their vegan leather bags for a short while before disposing of them, repurchasing another and starting anew. This buy-toss-buy process negates the initial positive impact. So, what's the solution? 

Invest in a high-quality vegan leather bag, like our vegan leather duffel bags.

  • Our vegan leather has 3x less the impact compared to standard PVC
  • It¬†has 10x less the environmental impact compared to¬†traditional leather
  • Our bags will last 10x longer, too. All without the animal harm.¬†

Even if you don't invest in a vegan leather bag from us, get one elsewhere. 

A high-quality vegan leather travel bag translates to a smaller eco-footprint.

No person can do everything, but every person can do something. Now that you know what is vegan leather, get one of our vegan leather duffel bags today. 

Look good and feel good doing it.